Sage Grey Technologies Unveils Innovative Solutions to Transform Tech Ecosystem

Date: 23rd, September 2023

Sage Grey Technologies, a venture studio dedicated to empowering tech startups and tech-enabled solutions, is thrilled to announce the rollout of Splitmulti and the introduction of Adzplug and Proxze, its groundbreaking tech products. The highly anticipated event is set to take place on the 26th of September 2023, marking the unveiling of these transformative innovations.

Sage Grey Technologies, through its innovative suite of products and services, is aimed to empower businesses to successfully navigate the challenges of scaling and commercialization. The Company also supports businesses through its 100-man Customer Support Centre in Ibadan, which provides real-time and efficient customer service.

Splitmulti: Enabling Wholesale Discounts Through Escrow Aggregation

Splitmulti, the flagship product of Sage Grey Technologies, is a software suite that contains a payment gateway, an e-commerce website, and an Escrow Aggregation Software. The EAS is a split payment solution that enables wholesale discounts to cascade down to aggregated retail customers. The EAS solution has been deployed on Splitmulti’s e-commerce website and can be seamlessly deployed on any other site. This forward-thinking approach ensures retail consumers benefit from discounted wholesale prices which in turn fosters new opportunities for cost savings across various industries.

Adzplug: Transforming Content Streaming into an Immersive Outdoor Experience.

Adzplug represents a groundbreaking leap in digital street-level streaming and content delivery. This innovative streaming platform links content providers with street-level digital outdoor displayers to create a dynamic and engaging ecosystem. Sage Grey Technologies’ Adzplug promises to reshape the way brands connect with targeted audiences in public spaces. It promises to transform the landscape of public space content delivery.

Proxze: Bridging the Gap Between Corporations, Individuals and Service Providers

Proxze, the third jewel from Sage Grey Technologies, promises to revolutionize the way corporations and individuals connect with service providers. This cutting-edge interface operates on predefined terms, facilitating seamless interactions between service providers and users for services such as KYCs, news correspondence, tourism, and more. Proxze is set to redefine convenience, efficiency, and collaboration in service procurement.
The rollout and introduction of Splitmulti, Adzplug, and Proxze marks a significant step forward in our mission to drive innovative solutions that seamlessly redefine the value chain and blend creativity and commercial viability.

Our Support Facilities: Transforming Customer Support Excellence.

The Tech solutions of Sage Grey Technologies are supported by a dedicated 100-man Customer Support Centre which is powered by and managed using our Nkiru Software. The Nkiru Software offers multichannel support, a ticketing system, live chat integration, a self-service portal, and other innovations that provide real-time support and are designed to redefine convenience, efficiency, and a great user experience in issue resolution. The Support Centre is fully equipped to support other businesses. The Company also maintains a Hub at Oke-afa, Isolo, which serves as its operational base.

Stay tuned for more details on the official rollout event and introduction of our other solutions, where industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs will come together to explore the potential of these transformative products. Sage Grey Technologies is excited to showcase its commitment to fostering innovation and driving excellence in the tech landscape.

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Head of Products, Sage Grey Technologies

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