StarkWing Limited(“StarkWing”) is a Property Management and Construction Company incorporated in Nigeria. StarkWing is an SPV company tasked with the development of the Commissioner’s Quarters, a Luxurious 200 room Hotel complex and the 260-property Golf estate within your Bayelsa State. StarkWing will provide services such as:

Real Estate Construction, Development and Management: Entailing construction, development and management real estate properties in Nigeria while working with the firms’ our core team and outsourced teams to ensure that each project’s needs and objectives are exceeded.

Project Management: providing professional project management services that delivers value for money by providing the highest standards, utilizing inhouse experienced personnel and tools to realize project objectives and deliver in time, to cost and quality.

Cost Management: StarkWing will work with project promoters and clients to ensure that budgets are not exceeded by ensuring that there are no leakages, wastages and ineffective or inefficient deployment of resources by deploying competent and effective teams to carry out each activity. StarkWing will utilize local industry benchmarks to ensure that the project promoters and investors get value for their investments.

Construction Management: StarkWing will provide overall planning, coordination, and control of the project from beginning to completion. StarkWing aims to meet and surpass the client’s requirement, to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

StarkWing is currently facilitating a Public-Private Partnership with the Bayelsa State Government for the development of a Golf Estate, luxury hotel facility and the Commissioner’s Quarters amongst other projects within Bayelsa State. StarkWing also is in talks with the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (“NCDMB”) for a partnership with respect to the development of the Projects in Bayelsa State.

Golf Estate

At completion, the Golf Estate is envisioned to have 260 properties comprising of 3 ,4, 5, 6- bedroom properties in the Heart of Bayelsa. The Estate would have the necessary infrastructure, a world class 18-hole golf course and other amenities needed to make the residents of the estate feel comfortable.

The Golf Estate would generate revenue from margin on constriction costs and service charge, pay dividend returns to investors in the project, create employment benefits of c. 8,000 jobs directly and in-directly, increased commercial returns due to increase in business creation and drive Land Value uplift for Local Governments in areas around the estate.

StarkWing is currently facilitating the development of the first 80 property layouts which are; Six (6) units of Detached Five Bedroom Duplex, Thirty-Six (36) units of Semi-Detached Four Bedroom Duplex, Fourteen (14) units of Semi-Detached Three Bedroom Duplex, Six (6) units of Three Bedroom Duplex, Twelve (12) units of Two Bedroom Duplex and Six (6) units of One Bedroom Duplex.

The Commissioners Quarters

The Project is set up to develop 45 properties comprising of 4-bedroom Duplex properties each with a BQ, within the Heart of Bayelsa State. Bayelsa State Government would provide the land required for the construction of the residences while StarkWing will facilitate the development and construction of the residences including facilitating raising the required debt funding for the project.

The Commissioner’s Quarters at completion is estimated to drive Land Value uplift for the government in areas around the Quarters, create employment benefits of c. 1000 jobs directly and in-directly, foster revenue to the government from land use charges, increased commercial returns due to increase in business creation around the Quarters and attract strategic partnerships and other strategic businesses in Bayelsa State.

The 200 room Luxurious Hotel Facility

StarkWing is responsible for facilitating the provision of the funding required for the remodeling of the Property, as well as operation and maintenance of the Property. The property would be provided by Bayelsa State Government.

StarkWing also intends to partner with International Hotels in operating as a franchise under the international hotels.

The Total Funding Required to develop and operate the Property is estimated at ₦3 billion.