Sage Grey Group is a group of companies with diversified portfolio in investment management, manufacturing, technology, oil and gas, fund management and financial services. The Company began operations in 2016.

At Sage Grey Group, we provide investments, strategic direction, management and coordination to our state of the art, credible subsidiary companies highlighted below.

Subsidiary Companies

Sage Grey Capital Management Limited

Sage Grey Capital Limited (“Sage Grey Capital”) is a wholly Private Equity Firm, with a strong portfolio of investment in companies across various sectors, such as; Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Recycling, Technology, Logistics and Power.

Sage Grey Finance Limited

Sage Grey Finance is a regulated financial institution with a proven track-record and international expertise, committed to creating sustainable value through its lending, fund management, and strategic advisory services. We are integrated into the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS). Sage Grey Finance offers Lending Services, Advisory Services, Fund Management Services, and other Services.

Sage Grey Technologies Limited

Sage Grey Technologies is a technology provider creating impact by developing and deploying practical and sustainable solutions across various sectors. The company maintains a support facility in Oyo State, Nigeria which provides efficient, state of the art customer support, call centre support, and logistics services to its technology portfolio companies.

Investment Companies

FREEE Recycle Limited

FREEE Recycle Limited (“FREEE Recycle”) is an indigenous recycling and manufacturing company incorporated in 2018 which specializes in the recycling of waste tyres into reusable rubber friendly products. FREEE Recycle Limited was formerly known as Freetown Waste Management Recycle Limited.
FREEE Recycle commenced operations in February 2020 including equipment purchase, factory engineering and recruitment of management staff. Full production commenced in November 2020. read-more

SPL Utorogu

SPL Utorogu Limited (“SPL Utorogu”) is a Joint Venture between Southfield Petroleum Limited (“Southfield”) and the Nigerian Content Monitoring and Development Board (NCDMB) for the development of a 200MMSCFD Gas Processing Facility in Utorogu, Delta State.

Southfield Petroleum Limited (“Southfield”) is an indigenous Oil and Gas Company with expertise in construction and development of Gas Processing Facility in Nigeria. Southfield was incorporated in 2007 with RC number 689735.
Southfield has a 10-year Gas Processing Agreement with ND Western and NPDC, joint owners of OML34 Gas Fields.  read-more

Resler Whyte

Resler Whyte Limited (Resler Whyte) is a flex banner producing company in Nigeria which aims to bridge the gap in the local supply of flex banner material and contribute to Nigeria’s internally generated revenue. The PVC flex banner production facility would be the first of its kind in Nigeria and it would be able to meet up to 95% of market demands, supplying the current nationwide deficit. Resler Whyte aims to develop a 35,000 sqm/day PVC flex banner facility in Cross Rivers State. read-more

StarkWing Limited

StarkWing Limited(“StarkWing”) is a Property Management and Construction Company incorporated in Nigeria. StarkWing is an SPV company tasked with the development of the Commissioner’s Quarters, a Luxurious 200 room Hotel complex and the 260-property Golf estate within your Bayelsa State. StarkWing will provide services such as:
Real Estate Construction, Development and Management: Entailing construction, development read-more