Sage Grey Technologies

Sage Grey Technologies is an indigenous Nigerian Company incorporated as a Venture Studio for technology startups and investments. Sage Grey Technologies is an affiliate of Sage Grey Capital and Sage Grey Finance which is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Splitmulti Limited

Sage Grey Technologies currently has investments in Splitmulti Limited. Splitmulti Limited is a payment solution company having its flagship solutions, the Splitmulti E-commerce Website, the Splitmulti Payment Gateway and The Splitmulti Escrow Management System (EMS) that facilitates the aggregation of retail purchases by passing wholesale discount to retailers.

Splitmulti is promoted by Sage Grey Technologies.

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My PROXZI is an interface which links Corporate institutions or Individuals and services providers through the use of a “Proxy”. The PROXY serves as a representative of the Principal and performs specified functions on behalf of the Principal.

PROXZI is promoted by Sage Grey Technologies

Adzplug Limited

Adzplug Limited is an AdTech firm that provides a digital street level advertising platform. The platform connects businesses, companies, advertisement agencies etc. with individuals or entities willing to broadcast advertisement images and videos via screens to the public.

Adzplug is promoted by Sage Grey Technologies.

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Sage Grey Technologies is also partnership with FREEE Recycle Limited for the development of the FREEE App. In line with FREEE Recycle Limited’s corporate objective, the platform is envisioned to provide a significant and sustainability focused solution for dealing with waste tyres in Nigeria and beyond.