We provide Investment Advisory, Finance & Strategy Advisory and Operational Improvement Advisory to both Nigerian and International Clients. We understand that the African business environment, even though influenced by the local operating environment, is inspired by the International business environment. Hence, we provide practical advisory which can be implemented locally and are consistent with world best practices. We utilise our team’s international experience, contacts and our company’s affiliates to provide world class advisory services which are adaptable to the local advisory needs.
We typically provide advisory services for only projects and transactions which are above certain financial thresholds for each service segment.

Values and Approach
We value integrity and honesty and are driven by a desire to help our clients achieve excellence and optimum success. We have a can do and inclusive approach to business, continuously displayed by the following actions:
- Problem solving approach with a passion for integrity, excellence and success
- Sharp analytical minds with independence of thought and in depth experience
-Ability to work with people to develop the best solutions, across entrepreneurial, operational and professional skill sets
-Respect for people based on competence and leadership ability and a passion for helping people achieve their potential
-Robust recommendations based on clarity of thought, fact based analysis with the input of all key personnel to build ownership and facilitate successful execution.

We always utilise a methodical approach to understanding our client’s expectations and the situation at hand. Our methodical approach is also vigorously utilised in recommending and implementing the optimum solutions when required.