Resler Whyte

Resler Whyte Limited (Resler Whyte) is a flex banner producing company in Nigeria which aims to bridge the gap in the local supply of flex banner material and contribute to Nigeria’s internally generated revenue. The PVC flex banner production facility would be the first of its kind in Nigeria and it would be able to meet up to 95% of market demands, supplying the current nationwide deficit. Resler Whyte aims to develop a 35,000 sqm/day PVC flex banner facility in Cross Rivers State.

The flex banner is an efficient medium for outdoor print advertisement due to its durability, lightweight nature, and convenience for printing. There are hardly any viable alternatives with similar technological functionality.


After its usage, Flex banners carry an economic value as they can be reused as tarpaulin, roof covers, rickshaw covers, food grain covers, bags, sitting mats etc. Importantly, they can be recycled wherein the constituents are separated by means of a mechanical shredding process. The PVC compound can be utilized for flooring and manufacture of footwear, geotextiles etc. while the shredded polyester fabric can be used as soft fillers in the mattresses and pillows.

Resler Whyte aims to develop a 35,000 sqm/day PVC flex banner facility in Cross Rivers State and is currently in the process of executing relevant agreements with the stakeholders.

The Project would aid in bridging the supply gap between the flex banner raw material suppliers and the printing industry and help to reduce importation of flex banner into the country. It would also contribute to internally generated revenue of both Cross River and Nigeria while creating jobs and supporting businesses within the advertisement sector of the country.

Sage Grey, the financial advisor to Resler Whyte, was instrumental in securing $2.27 million debt funding to finance the project.